August 19 - Kremsmuenster - Klosterneuburg

Our final day on the bus and it was a long one. We traveled to Kremsmuenster. There we received a tour of the Abbey and their incredible collection of paintings, antique armaments and books. The library's secret door was a big hit. We visited the basilica and then proceeded to the mathematical tower with its great collection of natural history exhibits. Finally, we were greeted by Father Peter Altman who showed us a collection oof original manuscripts by Anton Bruckner that are held in their archive.

After lunch, we took a three hour ride back to Vienna, stopping at the abbey of Klosterneuburg where we were taken on a tour. There was some confusion with the abbey tour guide so I went out to find our guide only to have the door lock behind me. When we went around to the front entrance, the entire monastery had closed for the evening. Our tour guide and I looked at each other and said, "we just lost our tour inside a locked monastery..." After a few minutes they all came out and we returned to our hotel for the evening.

The tour enters Kremsmuenster Abbey
The basilica at Kremsmuenster
The golden cup
Macbeth and the 3 witches (from the 18th century collection)
Still life (from the 18th century collection)
Part of the armory collection
Opening page of Bruckner's Te Deum
The Library's secret door (try to find it!)
The Mathematical Tower
A view from Kremsmuenster
The basilica at Kremsnuenster
Peter Altman shows us a discarded sketch of the Symphony No. 8
Peter Altman discusses a sketch of the Mass No, 3
The Symphony No, 8 sketch
A page from the Mass No. 3 sketch
Bruckner's signature
Lunch at Kremsmuenster (view 1)
Lunch at Kremsmuenster (view 2)
Klosterneuburg near Vienna
Entering the abby. Note the unfinished walls.
The church at the abby
The 12th century alter of Leopold I
The Bruckner plaque in the church
The Bruckner plaque in town