August 16 - Enns - Kronstorf - St. Florian

A busy day today. We went to the city of Enns and saw the commemorative plaque placed on the former home of Leopold Zenetti.

We then traveled to Kronstorf which was the site of Bruckner's second (and much happier) teaching position. The little museum in Kronstorf retains the small desk and chair that Bruckner used and the violin he left to pay off a debt.

On to Steyr - another town that Bruckner frequented. Another Tilgner bust is in Steyr and much better presented than the one in Vienna.

Finally, we came to St Florian and received a tour of the Abbey including a trip to the crypt where Bruckner's sarcophagus is located. While we were there, we could hear the Altomonte Orchestra rehearsing the Bruckner 7th above us.

After dinner, we heard a two-piano performance of the Seventh Symphony.

Home of Leopold Zenetti in Enns
The Plaque on the Zinetti house in Enns
Entrance to the Bruckner Room Museum in Kronstorf
Bruckner's violin
Bruckner's desk in Kronstorf
Plaque on the Bruckner school house in Kronstorf
The house in Kronstorf
The Bruckner monument in Steyr
The Bruckner Stairs in Steyr
At St. Florian - Creeping into the crypt...
Visiting the Sarcophagus
Bruckner's sarcaphagus at St. Florian
Bruckner's belongings from Vienna stored at St. Florian