Soudant Bruckner 7th Released in Japan as a Glass CD

Soudant Bruckner 7th Released in Japan as a Glass CD
The Hubert Soudant SACD recording of the Bruckner 7th with Tokyo Symphony Orchestra has been issued on a special "Glass CD." The process was developed in Japan back in 2006. The claim is that the CD will last forever. From the website, it states the following:

"But high quality music to last forever comes at a price - 98,700 yen (ca. $1,100.00) apiece to be exact - as glass CDs have to be made by hand.
'I wanted to make a CD that could be passed on to grandchildren,' the glass CD's inventor, Suenori Fukui, said.
Fukui, 60, noticed that glass was a great receptor of sound and decided to try and create a CD from the material. He spent a decade developing the glass CD together with Mitsugu Ikeda, a technician from a company called Tomie Media Solutions.
Information on the glass CD is read by laser. Because existing plastic CDs are not completely transparent, information on them cannot be read perfectly. They are also susceptible to bending or warping if left in sunlight or humid areas, which leads to sound distortion.
As glass CDs are completely transparent, information on them can be read perfectly, improving sound quality. They are not affected by heat or humidity and remain in perfect condition forever.
N & F Label, seller of the glass CDs, has put its first glass CD on sale. It is a recording of Johann Sebastian Bach's "Air on G String."
Music critic Sachio Moroishi was delighted with the sound quality.
'If they make a few more, the price will probably go down, but this has the potential to change the world of audio media,' he said".