Norman Lebrecht's Blog: Bruckner's losing money - NOT!!!

Norman Lebrecht's Blog: Bruckner's losing money - NOT!!!
Norman Lebrecht likes to be controversial. Obviously, saying outrageous things is a facile way to get attention, but that his just what Norman craves - and how he earns his living.

One of his latest blogs (click here to read) announces that Bruckner is losing money. The gist of the article has to do with the fact that the Brucknerhaus in Linz (Linz's concert hall) is running a deficit.

First let's dispel the correlation that the Brucknerhaus is all about Anton Bruckner. It is a concert hall. If Lebrecht's correlation was correct, then declining attendance at the Washington Monument would somehow cast doubts on Washington's role in American history.

But besides that, if Lebrecht took time to read the article, he would see that the staff was instructed to reduce their cash reserves which would require running a deficit.

Finally, he makes a quip that, "The old boy is never going to be a tourist attraction." I am happy to prove that wrong! I am pleased to announce that the 2nd Bruckner Tour of Austria is tracking quite well and I hope you will sign up to join the others that are taking the tour - if only to prove Norman Lebrecht wrong!