Buyer Beware: Unusual boxed set is just a reissue!

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Recently, A boxed "Patron's CD" from the 2013 Salzburg Easter Festival was sold on Ebay for over $185.00. The CD set contains a recording of Christian Thielemann and the Dresden Staatskapelle performing the Bruckner Symphony No. 8. However, this is NOT a unique performance but simply a repackaging of the Profil CD set available commercially. In fact, the only thing unique to this set is the paper slipcase. Inside the slipcase is just the packaged Profil CD.

Thielemann is now linked to the Salzburg Osterfestpiele and this was a way for the Festival to promote the conductor and ensemble which have only recently come together.

Just to be clear, this is NOT a performance from Salzburg, but the September 14, 2009 performance in Dresden available on Profil PH 10031.