Bruckner and his women

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Karoline Oppitz (1870-1962)
It is well-known that Anton Bruckner had a peculiar way of courting women which may have contributed to the fact that he remained unmarried throughout his life. He was attracted to young women and the attraction often led to almost immediate proposals of marriage and a near certain refusal.

Graphic artist, Gilles Houle has created a colorful montage that will introduce you to some of Bruckner's young women. It can be downloaded below.

The picture to the right is of young Karoline Oppitz. The photo comes from the State Museum in Voecklabruck. The note next to the picture states, Bruckner met Frau. Oppitz in front of the Linz Cathedral when she was 17 years old. Bruckner asked if he could accompany her home. Halfway there he suddenly said that he wanted to marry her and even promised her (because her name was Lina) a "Lina Symphony." She said she was already taken. Karoline Oppitz, born June 17, 1870, was the only daughter of pharmacist Joseph Oppitz in Urfahr. She has two brothers. In 1892, she married Dr. Franz Strum of Linz. He later became the community and railroad doctor in Voecklabruck. He was also mayor of the city from 1902-1906. Lina Strum died in Voecklabruck in 1962.

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