Bayreuth: Images relating to Bruckner's Visit

Anton Bruckner's visit to Bayreuth to meet Richard Wagner and the circumstances surrounding the dedication of the Symphony No. 3 are well known.

Thanks to conductor, Gerd Schaller, we present a series of photographs relating to Bruckner's visit.

Plaque at the Schlosskirche Bayreuth
Schlosskirche Bayreuth, where Bruckner played the organ (Requiem for Franz Liszt)
Organ Schlosskirche Bayreuth
Villa Wahnfried - where Bruckner and Wagner met
Villa Wahnfried from the garden side
Villa Wahnfried
Vestibule - where Bruckner had to wait for Wagner
Hall where Bruckner met Wagner
Hotel Anker (Goldener Anker) where Bruckner stayed during his visits in Bayreuth