Anton Bruckner lives again!

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Yesterday, I received an interesting letter in the mail. You can see a copy of it to the right. (Click it to enlarge it).

Yes, it confirms without any doubt that I have finally morphed into Anton Bruckner! It was a process that has gone on for many years, but two things make this transformation irrefutable:

1) Google says it is so and once you exist in their database, there is no turning back.

2) The United States Postal Service delivered it.

The timing is perfect in that during this coming week, I will be returning to my home to visit many of the sights connected with my life. And when I return, I plan to begin a complete revision of the Symphony No. 6. This needs at least one full revision.

And then, maybe I might take another look at that pesky Finale to the Symphony No. 9.