Anton Bruckner transcriptions for guitar!

Anton Bruckner transcriptions for guitar!
Mateusz Luczak in Poland has transcribed 13 small works by Bruckner for guitar. The publication is for sale in Poland.

For information from the publisher, click here for their website. (Scroll to the bottom of the page). The information below is gleaned and translated from the website:

Anton Bruckner - Motets and other songs on the guitar
Motets and other works for the guitar tablatures with
the first development works of Bruckner's guitar.
The introduction and comments on the songs in Polish and English

Table of Contents:
List of tracks:

1. In jener Nächte der letzten
2. Locus iste
3. Pange lingua et Tantum ergo
4. Iam lucis orto Sider
5. Pange lingua
6. 4 Tantum ergo
7. Salvum fac populum tuum
8. Prelude in C major
9. Trösterin Musik
10. Vexilla regis
11. Ave Maria
12. Virga Jesse
13. Tota pulchra es
14. Christus factus est
15. Ecce sacerdos magnus
16. Postlude in D minor