A New Edition of the Bruckner 7th

A New Edition of the Bruckner 7th

After more than four years of preparation, the first volume of the new ANTON BRUCKNER URTEXT COMPLETE EDITION will be released this summer – a critical edition of the Seventh Symphony, edited by Benjamin-Gunnar Cohrs, Editorial Director of the Bruckner Edition Wien (Publisher: Alexander Hermann, Vienna). The premiere of this brandnew score will be given by the Berlin Philharmonic, conducted by Sir Simon Rattle, in Milano (Expo/La Scala, 2 May 2015, 21.00) and in Vienna (Musikverein, 3 May 2015, 19.30), the latter in the presence of the Editor.

More information on the URTEXT EDITION follows;



The ANTON BRUCKNER URTEXT GESAMTAUSGABE (ABUGA) is published by Bruckner Edition Wien, an imprint of Verlagsgruppe Hermann Wien, since 2015. The patron is Nikolaus Harnoncourt. The Editorial Director is Benjamin-Gunnar Cohrs, the publisher Alexander Hermann. This newly conceived, scholarly-practical complete edi-tion (45 vols.) has a fundamentally revised division into scorings and genres. Parallel with the music editions, a series of text publications on Bruckner will be published, providing contextual information.

Dr. Benjamin-Gunnar Cohrs, scholar, author and conductor (Bremen, Germany)
Dr. Morten Solvik, scholar (Vienna, Austria)
Matthias Giesen, Stiftskapellmeister and organist (St. Florian, Austria)
Joseph Kanz, Kapellmeister and arranger (Wiesbaden, Germany)
Rob van der Hilst, Organist, composer, author and scholar (Utrecht, Netherlands)

Univ. Prof. Dr. Manfred Wagner, scholar (Vienna)
Mag. Dr. Beatrix Darmstädter, curator of the Collection of Early Musical Instruments in the kunsthistorisches Mu-seum, Vienna
Dr. Franz Scheder, author and editor of the Bruckner chronology (Nuremberg, Germany)
Dr. Johannes Wildner, conductor and scholar (Vienna)
Gerhard Zechmeister, tuba player, scholar and author (Vienna)

In comparison with other composers, Bruckner's own manuscripts contain very few errors in the musical text. Never-theless, they present particular problems in terms of performance practice (dynamic markings, articulation, tempi etc.), because these kinds of performance instructions were often added as part of the last stage of a work on a com-position. It is precisely the complex source material which demands that, in addition to the autograph manuscripts, the first copies, manuscript sets of parts, first editions and corresponding galley proofs have to be taken in consideration, together with secondary documents. This is where the Urtext Complete Edition comes into play: all sources have been thoroughly examined as a whole for the first time and are newly presented together in a scholarly-practical edition. Bruckner left part of his output in several versions, which will be published in separate volumes. A few versions and works which have remained unpublished to the present day will be evaluated and published for the first time in the ABUGA. Variants, alternatives and reworked individual movements will be included in a volume where possible. Scholars and performers will find these in situ, without having to combine different editions.

In its many years' preparatory work for the ABUGA, the Bruckner Edition Wien has conceived a fundamentally new layout which is especially suited to the particular problems and peculiarities of Bruckner's manuscripts. Works with orchestra are published in full score. The omission of key signatures and clefs on the right hand page creates the vis-ual impression of a landscape-shaped music page over the page break when reading the score; it provides additional space, thereby reducing the number of page-turns required. For the first time Bruckner's "metrical numbers", which help in the division and emphasis of groups of bars, have been reproduced where they survive in the musical text. Editorial additions and variants in the text will be identified in different colours. This method supersedes the often cluttered visual appearance of scores by aviding the uses of brackets,dotted lies or cue-sized notes. In order to reflect the needs of performers, individual performance material can be supplied on request, chosen variant readings can be given preference and alternatives suppressed. Great importance is attached to achieving the most usable result.

The volumes of the Complete Edition and full scores appear in the format 25x31 cm as hard-cover with cloth binding and two-colour embossing. All volumes include detailed foreword, suggestions on performance practice, chronology, tables, appendices and editorial report. Texts are generally included in German and English. Study scores are planned. Two volumes will be published each year. Volumes can be purchased separately, or after arranging a sub-scription upon publication. Performance materials for the symphonies are available on hire; all other works (smaller orchestral works, choral works, church music, chamber music, Lieder, piano and organ works) will be on sale as part of a set. The Anton Bruckner Urtext Complete Edition is distributed internationally by Schott Music.


Series I: Works with Orchestra
I.1. Symphonies (Vol. 1–19)
I.2. Orchestral works (Vol. 20 & 21)
I.3. Vocal works with orchestra (Vol. 22–30)

Series II: Sacred Works for Mixed Choir
II.1. Sacred works for mixed choir with instruments (Vol. 31–33)
II.2. Sacred works for mixed choir with organ or piano (Vol. 34)
II.3. Sacred works for unaccompanied mixed choir (Vol. 35)

Series III: Secular Works for Mixed Choir
III.1. Secular cantatas for mixed choir with wind instruments (Vol. 36)
III.2. Secular worksfor mixed choir with organ or piano (Vol. 37)
III.3. Secular works for unaccompanied mixed choir (Vol. 38)

Serie IV: Works for Male Choir
IV.1. Works for male choir with instruments (Vol. 39)
IV.2. Works for male choir with organ or piano (Vol. 40)
IV.3. Works for unaccompanied male choir or male solo quartet (Vol. 41)

Serie V: Chamber Music and Lieder
V.1. Chamber music for ensembles (Vol. 42)
V.2. Sacred and secular Lieder (Vol. 43)

Serie VI: Works for Keyboard Instruments
VI.1. Works for piano (Vol. 44)
VI.2. Works for organ (Vol. 45)