A Link to Bruckner's girlfriend, Josephine Lang

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To the right is a photo of Karolina Grubbauer (aged 90 when this picture was taken in 1961). She was the daughter of Josef Weilnboeck (son of Neufelden District Commissioner Karl Weilnboeck, a close friend of Bruckner. Weilnboeck was also the choir master of the Linz Liedertafel, "Frohsinn" from 1863 to 1865. His wife was Josephine Lang who was the subject of a proposal from Anton Bruckner in 1866. (It is quite possibly Josephine who is depicted on the painting behind her daughter.)

In 1958, there were performances and an unveiling ceremony in Neufelden honoring Bruckner where a film was made. It is clear from the video that Ms. Grubbauer was a special invited guest.

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My thanks to Gilles Houle for this information.