Abruckner.com Receives its Commemorative Plaque!!

To understand this story, I must provide some background information:

While on the Bruckner Tour of Austria, I noticed that the Bruckner commemorative plaque on a house in Enns, Austria was placed there with the assistance of the Rotary Club of Enns. (see picture below). Recently, I received a business letter from Google that was addressed to Anton Bruckner at my home in Windsor, Connecticut (see below). Armed with this welcome news - and being a Rotarian since 1984 - I approached my club with a request that they place a commemorative plaque on my house. I solicited support from local organizations for my request and received an endorsement from the Windsor Historical Society. They felt that the fact that Bruckner died in 1896 and that my house was not built until 1972 to be a "minor technicality." The letter is signed by the president of the society - who happens to be ... me. But this also is a minor issue. I also received letters of support from the Windsor Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Windsor (see below).

I am now happy to report that on November 10, 2012, the Rotary Club of Windsor and Windsor Locks, Connecticut presented me with a proclamation and a plaque to be placed in my home.

My sincere thanks to the members of the Rotary Club for their vision, their understanding of complex cultural issues and a keen sense of humor!

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The Proclamation Read on November 10, 2012
The Commemorative Plaque
The Google Letter to Anton Bruckner
The plaque in Enns, Austria. Please note Rotary Club Marking
Windsor Historical Society endorsement
Town of Windsor endorsement
Windsor Chamber of Commerce endorsement