Abruckner.com and "The Bruckner Archive"

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The Logo of The Bruckner Archive
Thanks to the cooperation and generosity of David Aldeborgh of Poughkeepsie, New York, Abruckner.com will now also be the official home of "The Bruckner Archive." When the archive was founded by David over thirty years ago, it consisted of many recordings, rare scores, and a comprehensive library of Bruckner publications with a copying facility, and several scholars and researchers made use of these resources over the years.

David sponsored a number of world-premiere recordings of Bruckner's music, particularly of church compositions of the St. Florian period. He made the initial contacts which led to the world premiere performance of William Carragan's completion of the Bruckner Ninth in Carnegie Hall in 1984. He also provided the seed money for the Kurt Eichhorn recordings of the 1872 and 1873 versions of the newly-edited Second Symphony in 1991, which eventually led to Eichhorn's valuable series of Bruckner symphony recordings.

Today, with the tools of the Internet readily at hand, much of these types of resources can be made available online and I thank Mr. Aldeborgh for allowing me to carry on his work.

From this point forward, the Bruckner Archive will use the logo originally designed by David.