A rarely seen video of Franz Schalk conducting the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

A rarely seen video of Franz Schalk conducting the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Vienna Festival Weeks: Public outdoor concert in front of City Hall on June 2, 1929.

Franz Schalk conducts the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in works by Mozart, Johann Strauß and Weber.

Social-Democrat Mayor Karl Seitz (who served from 13 November 1923 to 12 February 1934) and President Wilhelm Miklas (who served from 1928 until the Anschluß) are the speakers.

There are some good images of Schalk listening (or not ...) to the official speeches. He is seated to their right.

The first Vienna Festival Weeks took place from June 5 to June 19, 1927. A rich program of opera and concerts, art-exhibitions and sporting events, as well as excursions to the surrounding area and beyond, was intended to boost tourism - and it succeeded : the number of overnight stays in June 1927 was significantly higher than in the previous year. Nevertheless, this festival was more than just a cultural event intended to attract tourism. The commitment to culture and, above all, to music, which had always played a major role in the self-perception and foreign perception of the Austrian capital, offered the opportunity to overcome momentarily the political and social divisions in the city : the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and the Workers' Choral Association (« Arbeitersängerbund ») played an equal role at the opening concert. The « Neue freie Presse » , the newspaper of the Viennese « bourgeoisie » , wished for a « political truce » during this period. But the divisiveness continued nonetheless.

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