Fritz Münch and Bruckner

Fritz Münch and Bruckner
Eventually, I will come up with a better title for this item, but it is a fascinating bit of musical history:

Friday, November 25, 1927 : Bruckner's Mass in F minor is performed by the Choir of Saint-Guillaume Church at the « Palais des Fêtes » (Festival Hall, originally called « Sängerhaus » ) in Strasbourg.

At the bottom, in fine printing, an announcement : Fritz Münch (the brother of Charles Munch) will give a lecture on « the religious music » of Anton Bruckner at Paris City-Hall.

Ernst Münch (the father of Charles Munch) conducted the Choir of Saint-Guillaume which performed throughout the Strasbourg region.

They gave Bach's St. Matthew Passion each year with Doctor Albert Schweitzer at the organ. (Emma, the daughter of Ernst Münch, married Paul Schweitzer, Albert's brother.)

More information on Fritz Münch can be found here.

My thanks to Gilles Houle for this information.