The Bruckner Society's 2017 Brucknerathon / Symposium & Annual Meeting

The Bruckner Society's 2017 Brucknerathon / Symposium & Annual Meeting
The 2017 Brucknerathon took place from September 8-10 in Windsor and Simsbury, Connecticut. By all accounts, it was a great success.

Attendees began arriving on Friday and all were invited to an informal gathering at the home of John Berky in Windsor. At 6:30, all attendees who had arrived then traveled to Track 139 Restaurant in Windsor which specializes in Mediterranean / American cuisine. Brucknerathon tee shirts were available for purchase.

Saturday's listening sessions took place at the home of Ken Jacobson in Simsbury. The sessions began at 8:00AM and continued until 11PM with breaks for lunch and dinner. John Berky was in charge of arranging all the meals. A light breakfast of assorted breads and fruit was provided. Lunch consisted of assorted deli sandwiches and dinner was a combination of chicknen marengo and tortellini with sun-dried tomatoes, foccacia bread and salad. Beer, wine, coffee, tea and assorted drinks were available all day. The dinner was topped off with our traditional "Brucknerathon" cake.

The playlist is below:

Symphony in f minor
-Marcus Bosch / Aachen Symphony Orchestra Coviello CD)

Symphony No 1
-Hun-Joung Lim / Korean Symphony Orchestra (Korean Decca Set)

Symphony in d minor "Die Nullte"
-Gerd Schaller / Philharmonie Festiva (Profil CD)

Symphony No. 2
-Trevor Pinnock / Royal Academy of Music (Linn SACD)

Presentation on Bruckner Codas by Vishnu Bachani

Symphony No. 4
-Rudolf Kempe / Munich Philharmonic Orchestra (IMG CD)

Symphony No. 5
-Remy Ballot / Altomonte Orchestra (2017 BrucknerTage)

Symphony No. 6
-Rafael Kubelik / Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO CD)

Symphony No. 8
-Erich Leinsdorf / Boston Symphony Orchestra (Broadcast)

Symphony No. 9
-Takashi Asahina / Tokyo Symphony Orchestra (Canyon CD)

Symphony No. 9 (Finale)
-Gerd Schaller / Philharmonia Festiva (Profil)

Four Orchestra Pieces
-Shinji Moriguchi / Bruckner Orch. Nagoya

Symphony No. 3
-Christian Thielemann / Dresden Staatskapelle (Blu Ray disc)

Symphony No. 7
-Ken-ichiro Kobayashi / Japan Philharmonic (Exton DVD)

The last two video performances were projected onto a large screen.

Just before lunch, Vishnu Bachani provided a short presentation on the structure of Bruckner's codas.

On Sunday morning, the Board of Directors of the Bruckner Society of America held its annual meeting at the Hyatt House Hotel in Windsor. Several topics were discussed including progress on the BSA's planned publication to help readers identify the various versions of Bruckner's symphonies. Possible Bruckner Medal of Honor recipients were discussed as were the Board's selection of recordings of the year. Charles E. (Chuck) Benson from Bedford, Texas was invited to join the Board of Directors.

Pictures from the event will be posted as received by participants.

Pictures from the Brucknerathon
Pictures from the Brucknerathon