Sarabande (2003 - Swedish TV)

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This movie, produced by Ingmar Bergman, makes use of the Bruckner Symphony No. 9 scherzo as recorded by Herbert Blomstedt with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra.

The scherzo extract is heard at 1 hour and 10 minutes into the movie and lasts a little under a minute. It is the end of the first part of the movement and breaks up shortly before the beginnning of the trio. The music signals the end of part seven of the movie (the movie is divided into several parts, with a prologue and an epilogue). It is treated to three images: a blonde girl leaving a room after a conversation with an old, bearded man; the blonde girl sitting sadly on the steps leading away from the room; the daydream of the girl, seeing herself slowly disappearing on a white horizon while playing a cello.

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