Brown, Lawrence: David: Savakerrva, Book 1

Brown, Lawrence:   David: Savakerrva, Book 1
Lawrence Brown's book has been published and is available through Amazon. It makes several references to Bruckner.

Here is one example:

“I mean, not everything obscure is good, there’s reasons stuff stays unheard, but if you just listen to what’s promoted, what’s pushed? Big names, Top Ten, anything that wins a Grammy? Well, if you’ve heard one auto-tune remix, you’ve heard them all. Ever listen to Bruckner?”

Startled by it, by a name they both knew, Nkomo wondered if he’d found it, the elusive common ground. “The composer?”

“That he was, and though some call his stuff dark—”

“You like Bruckner?”

“Like him, he’s great! I mean, his sound has power, no fluff.” Smiling now, Garth donned his army surplus coat. “But the popular stuff? Nah, fake just annoys, I hate it. Hate fake.”