An Unusual Version of Ave Maria

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This an unusual example where the music from one of Anton Bruckner's motets is used as the basis for a different text. The music is from "Ave Maria" (WAB 6) and the text is entitled, "O Lord Most Holy." The performance presented here was recorded in the late 1940s or early 1950s by the Linden Record Company of Seattle, Washington. It was pressed onto a vinyl 78 rpm disc. The performance is by the San Francisco Theological Seminary A Cappella Choir conducted by John Milton Kelly (1905-1984). Dr. Kelly was on the faculty of the Seminary from 1937 until 1962.

It appears that the arrangement was prepared in 1914 by Helen Dickinson. A copy of the score is available here for download.

More information about the Linden Record Company and its illustrious founder can be seen here.

O Lord Most Holy
Music by Anton Bruckner
John Milton Kelly (1905-1984)
San Francisco Theological Semenary A Cappella Choir
Linden Vinylite 78 # 815B

Download: lord_most_holy.mp3
Download: lord_most_holy.pdf
Download: kelly_obituary.pdf