September, 2012: The "Kronstorf Mass"

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Kronstorf, Austria
This month, we are offering the only recording we presently have of Bruckner's early Messe ohne Gloria und Credo (WAB 146) also known as the Kronstorf Mass. The Mass was written around 1844 while Bruckner held a teaching position in Kronsdorf. While a CD was made of this work, it is now out-of-print.

Jussi Kauranen
PoikanKuoru Pirkanpojat/Knabenchor Pirkanpojat
Aufnahmedatum: 6/1998
Ausgaben: CD: Ausgabe des Chores (Tuhansin Kielin)

We are hoping that one of our readers may have a copy.

A few month's ago, when going through the collection of producer, David Aldeborgh, I came across a cassette containing a live performance of the Mass as it was performed in Kronstorf on May 20, 1987. It is that recording which we are offering this month.
ANTON BRUCKNER: Mass in D Minor "Kronstorf Mass" WAB 146
-Erich Nowotny
-Kirchen Chor Kronstorf
-May 20, 1987

Download: KronstorfMass(WAB146).mp3