October 2016: Symphony No. 1 / Jacob Sustaita / Sam Houston State University Orchestra / A US Premiere!

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The SHSU Orchestra
On September 30, 2016, the premiere performance of the new edition of Bruckner's Symphony No. 1 was given by the Sam Houston State University Orchestra conducted by Jacob Sustaita.

Thanks to the cooperation of the Sam Houston State University School of Music and recording engineer, John Proffitt, this recording of the premiere is being made available for download.

This download also includes the pre-concert talk by Prof. Mario Aschauer (of Linz), a faculty member of SHSU and a member of the editorial board of the Anton Bruckner New Edition.

This new edition was prepared by Thomas Roeder for the NEW BRUCKNER EDITION. The conductor's score is now being released. This version uses all material Bruckner prepared for the 1868 premiere performance, thus this edition is being called the 1868 Linz Version.

Download: 1_Pre_Concert_Talk.flac
Download: 2_Movement_1.flac
Download: 3_Movement_2.flac
Download: 4_Movement_3.flac
Download: 5_Movement_4.flac
Download: 6_Applause.flac