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March, 2018: Four Orchestra Pieces / Peter Aigner / Orchester Forum Kremstal

March, 2018: Four Orchestra Pieces / Peter Aigner / Orchester Forum Kremstal
photo: Reinhard Winkler
[1] Introduction (0'27")
[2] E Flat major (2'23")
[3] E minor (3'29")
[4] F major (3'32")
[5] March in D minor (5'45")
[6] Applause (0'22")

Peter Aigner was born in Linz and studied music at the Linz Anton Bruckner Private University and the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna.

Since 2007 he is the artistic director of the "International Chamber Music Days St. Marien" and since 2017 chairman of the Brucknerbund Ansfelden.

The Orchester Forum Kremstal (OFK) now has its headquarters at the Landesmusikschule Neuhofen / Krems and is led by Peter Aigner. The orchestra's repertoire spans from baroque music, through classical music, to jazz music (joint project with the jazz quartet of the LMS Neuhofen). Meanwhile, former students, who are now studying at Austrian music universities or already in professional life, like to return to the OFK, the ensemble in which they made their first orchestral experiences, to pass on their expertise.

On January 5, 2018, Peter Aigner and the OFK performed the Four Orchestral Pieces by Anton Bruckner and thanks to his kind permission, he has allowed me to offer them here. They can be downloaded as an .mp4 video or as a .flac audio file.

Download: Four-Orchestral-Pieces.flac
Download: Four-Orchestral-Pieces.mp4

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