March, 2016: Symphony No. 8 / Georg Tintner / National Youth Orchestra of Canada

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This month, I am presenting the second of several rare recordings by the late Georg Tintner - certainly one of the champions of Bruckner's music in the 20th century. Any serious Bruckner collector is familiar with Tintner's remarkable cycle for Naxos Records. It was a project that would have given us several more versions of Bruckner's symphonies and the choral music with orchestra, if not for Tintner's illness and untimely death in 1999.

As remarkable as Tintner's Naxos cycle is, it also points out how late recognition came to him. After fleeing Austria in 1938, Tintner resided in New Zealand, Australia and finally Canada.

This month's offer is a recording of the North American premiere of the 1887 version of Bruckner's Symphony No. 8. The performance was recorded in concert in Toronto on August 31, 1982. It was released on the Jubal label (LP - Jubal 5003/4).

My thanks go to Tanya Tintner and the management of the National Youth Orchestra of Canada for permitting the distribution of this recording.

Download: CD_1_-_Track_1.flac
Download: CD_1_-_Track_2.flac
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Download: CD_2_-_Track_2.flac