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John F. Berky
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July, 2017: The Early Adagio and Scherzo to the Symphony No. 1

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In 1994, Wolfgang Grandjean prepared an edition for the Musikwissenschaftlicher Verlag (MWV) in Vienna of the Early Adagio and Scherzo movements to Bruckner's Symphony No. 1.

The Edition was published in 1995 as part of the Complete Bruckner Edition. It is available only as a study score (1/1a-STP) which may be the reason why it has been so rarely performed.

It was performed over the BBC several years ago and the recording is in the Bruckner Archive, but cannot be posted here due to copyright concerns. It was recorded by Ricardo Luna for Preiser Records in a chamber music arrangement.

However, Joan Schukking in the Netherlands has prepared an electronic recreation which will give the listener a very good idea of the scope of these two middle movements.

My thanks to Joan Schukking for making these available.

Download: Symphony_1-Early_Adagio.wav
Download: Symphony_1-Early_Scherzo.wav