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January, 2008: Three Pieces for Orchestra / Pesek / Supraphon LP

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The Supraphon LP with the 3 Pieces
ANTON BRUCKNER: Three Pieces for Orchestra
-Libor Pesek & the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
-Recorded in 1996
-From Supraphon LP (Stereo) 11 104981-2

When this recording was released on a 2 LP set, it was paired with the Symphony No. 7 and the Overture in G Minor. When the recording was released on CD in Japan (Denon COCO-722647), the Symphony and the Overture could fit on a single CD, but not the Three Pieces.

UPDATE: This recording (the Symphony, the Overture and the Three Pieces) has now become commercially available as a download. see below:

Download: Pesek3Pcs.mp3