December, 2011: Symphony No. 4 / Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt / NDR Symphony / Melodiya LP

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When Melodiya released this LP of performances by Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt, it was difficult to see if the performance of the Bruckner 4th came from a Soviet-based concert or from the North German Radio archives. The Mozart Symphony (No. 41) on side 1 of the two-LP set is clearly marked as originating from an April 18, 1961 Leningrad concert, but nothing is mentioned about the Bruckner 4th. Album credits list P. Gruenberg was the editor and G. Petrov was the "restorer." The album cover was designed by B. Stolyarov. The back cover is marked "Melodiya (c) 1985" but then lists the source as Leningrad Radio - 1961. Bruckner Fourths by Schmidt-Isserstedt have been released on Tahra and some pirate CD labels but Tahra lists the date as 1966. Timing differences make it difficult to determine if they are all the same performance.
BRUCKNER: Symphony No. 4 (Edition Haas)
Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt
NDR Symphony Orchestra
Melodiya LP (Stereo) C10 21849 009

Download: 1_Bewegt_nicht_zu_schnell.mp3
Download: 2_Andante_quasi_allegretto.mp3
Download: 3_Scherzo_bewegt.mp3
Download: 4_Finale_Allegro.mp3