April, 2014: Mass in C Major "Windhaag Mass" / Soloists, Chorus & Orchestra

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The download this month is an unusual find that first showed up on the YouTube website.

At first glance, it appeared to be a normal recording of Bruckner’s early Mass in C (WAB 25), but upon closer examination and listening, it was discovered that this was one of the first recordings of the Mass in a setting for soloists, chorus and orchestra!

Bruckner composed this mass when he was teaching in the village of Windhaag. He was 18 years old at the time. The Mass was originally composed for alto solo, two horns and organ. To make the Windhaager Messe usable for Eucharist celebration Kajetan Schmidinger and Joseph Messner (1893-1969) made an arrangement in 1927 for mixed choir with revised Gloria and Credo, and accompaniment by organ, horns and string quintet. That version was originally published by Anton Boehm & Son in Augsburg, Germany.

ANTON BRUCKNER: Mass in C "Windhaag Mass" (1842) (WAB 25)
(Version for soloists, chorus, two horns and strings)

-Marcia Marchesi, director
-St Mary Choir & Orchestra
-Melissa Dalton, soprano; Christina Haystead, mezzo-soprano
-Alex Sierra, tenor; Aaron Webb, baritone
-Erika Ray, organ

Recorded at St Mary Parish Church, Littleton, Colorado
June 2, 2013
Allan Cravalho, engineer

I am deeply indebted to Dr. Marcia Marchesi and the performers of this Mass for giving me permission to offer this performance on my website. I also wish to thank the engineer, Allan Cravalho for providing me with an improved recording from the concert.

More information about conductor, Marcia Marchesi can be found here.

Download: Mass_in_C_Windhaag.flac