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September, 2013: Helgoland / Asahina / Osaka Philharmonic / 1987

September, 2013: Helgoland / Asahina / Osaka Philharmonic / 1987
In recent weeks, the recordings of Takashi Asahina have been the focus on several web-based record-sharing sites. His extensive catalog of recordings has been well represented. While I usually concentrate on symphonic recordings, I thought I would make my Asahina contribution to this effort. This month I am featuring a hard-to-locate recording of Takashi Asahina performing Bruckner's Helgoland. The recording originates from a radio broadcast.
ANTON BRUCKNER: Helgoland (12'59")
-Takashi Asahina
-Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra
-Doshisha Glee-Club
-Kansai University Glee-Club
-Osaka University Male Chorus
-Ritsumeikan University Men's Choir
-Konan University Glee-Club
-Kwansai Gakuin University Glee-Club
--Festival Hall, Osaka
--November 3, 1987

Download 1-Announcement.flac
Download 2-Helgoland.flac
Download 3-Applause.flac