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September, 2009 - Four Orchestral Pieces / Friedrich Walter / Family LP

September, 2009 - Four Orchestral Pieces / Friedrich Walter / Family LP
This is an odd LP. It is titled, "Musical Masterworks - German." There were similar albums for Italian, French, Russian and Norwegian. However, on this particular volume, the works represented are not exactly the best known works that one would expect on such a label. Mozart is represented with his overture from "Ascano in Alba," and Bruckner makes the short list with his Four Orchestral Pieces. Let's forget the fact that both Mozart and Bruckner were Austrian, not German!

Nevertheless, this Family LP did offer the Four Orchestral Pieces as performed by Friedrich Walter & the Hamburg New Symphony Orchestra. Unfortunately, there is no such conductor an orchestra, but what are a few factual errors to get in the way of a good performance?

The work is often referred to as Three Orchestral Pieces with the March in D Minor being treated separately. In this performance, the March is played first.

Someday, we may actually find out who these performers are, but for now, it remains as follows:

BRUCKNER: Four Orchestral Pieces
Friedrich Walter
Hamburg New Symphony Orchestra
Family LP SFLP 541

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Download: Four_Orchestral_Pieces.mp3