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John F. Berky
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August, 2009 - Symphony No. 8 / Jochum / Organ works

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This month's offering comes from a stereo ORF LP (L 2955) which was released back in the mid 1980's. It provides several performances as recorded by the ORF at St. Florian. These include a Bruckner Symphony # 8 with the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra conducted by Eugen Jochum on June 12, 1982 and an extensive recital of Bruckner's organ music as performed by Augustinus Franz Kropfreiter on the Bruckner Organ.

Download: 1_Allegro_moderato.mp3
Download: 2_Scherzo.mp3
Download: 3_Adagio.mp3
Download: 4_Finale.mp3
Download: 5_WAB_127__128.mp3
Download: 6_WAB_129.mp3
Download: 7_WAB_131.mp3
Download: 8_WAB_126.mp3
Download: 9_WAB_130__125.mp3
Download: orf_lp_details.pdf