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John F. Berky
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Jesus Masia's Synthesis of First Movement Themes

Mr. Masia's latest creation is a very clever synthesis of themes from the first movements of Bruckner symphonies. He writes,

"It is a systematic collection of the most sublime moments in the first movements of all the symphonies of Bruckner - compressed into less than half an hour - and linking together fragments in a natural and harmonious way to give a unity to the whole.

Everything starts with the beginning of the 9th Symphony, and during its development is linked to the 3rd Symphony, then the 5th, the 2nd, 7th and so on until completing the entire symphonic cycle which ends again with the 9th symphony.

In the case of the 8th Symphony I alternate the versions of 1887 and 1990 so the listener can appreciate the differences in orchestration.

The musical excerpts were chosen according to my subjective assessment as those most representative while enabling a wide range of diversity of nuances.

In the transitions between the different fragments I have tried to be absolutely respectful of the score, adding only the necessary notes to make changes between one symphony and another as natural as possible and without jumps in tone."

The order of appearance of the symphony and minutes of each fragment is as follows:

9th from 0,00 to 3,01
3th from 3,02 to 3,13
5th from 3,14 to 4,10
2th from 4,11 to 5,29
7th from 5,31 to 7,40
7th from 7,41 to 8,14
7th from 8,15 to 9,22
5th from 9,23 to 10,11
5th from 10,12 to 12,00
4th from 12,01 to 14,04
8th from 14,05 to 14,43 (edition 1890)
8th from 14,44 to 15,20 (edition 1887)
3th from 15,21 to 17,47
3th from 17,48 to 18,30
1th from 18,31 to 19,25
0th from 19,26 to 21,13
6th from 21,14 to 23,44
8th from 23,45 to 24,22 (edition 1887)
8th from 24,23 to 26,14 (edition 1890)
9th from 26,23 to 28,49

To listen or download the "First Movements of Bruckner's Symphonies," click here