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John F. Berky
(860) 688-5098

Jesus Masia's own Coda to the Symphony No. 9 Finale

Mr Masia writes, "I have prepared a new version of the Coda of the final movement of Bruckner's 9th Symphony.

In the initial crescendo violins play a triplet as at the end of the first movement of the 9th symphony.
It includes references to the fourth movements of other symphonies that share the same texture as in the fourth movement of the 9th. Specifically, in the 7th symphony is more evident (and vindicate the strength and importance of a movement unjustly neglected), 5th Symphony (more discreet) and the overlap on the 6th.

The idea of the finale is based on the harrowing first bar of the third movement of the 9th. But now after a critical dissonance all ends well..."

Download: canyotcoda4mvt9thsymphonyabruckner.mp3