Bruckner Symphony No. 3 - Finale - Fritz Lehmann - Reichssender Transcription

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Two 78 RPM transcription discs from the Reich Radio were purchased from an antique dealer in Maine. The discs must have come from a former G.I. in World War II who brought them home as war souvenirs. The two discs (which play from the center out!) contained only 8'12" of the Finale. However, it was discovered that the Deutsche Rundfunkarchiv, while having three of the discs, was missing one of the two that I had. I donated the missing disc and the recording of the Finale is now complete. The recording has been transferred off of four one-sided 78 RPM discs that were produced by the Deutsche Rundfunk on June 26, 1940. The recording and a copy of the label can be downloaded from the download section of this site. The orchestra is the Orchester des Deutschlandsenders und Reichssenders Berlin. Only the last movement was performed. The recording was made in the "Haus des Rundfunks", Saal 1 (Hall 1).

A photo and diagram of the RRG playback system is provided as well. On each disc, there is a brief overlap of audio so that an engineer, using two turntables, could find the overlap before switching over to the next turntable.