The Bruckner Archive acquires an old Bruckner print

The Bruckner Archive acquires an old Bruckner print
The acquisition of this antique print was a long process. It began several months ago when the print showed up on a Austrian sale site. All that was known by the seller was that it came out of a house-estate sale.

With the help of a friend in Austria, a price was settled on and the print was acquired. It was decided that due to the fragile nature of the print and frame, that the print should stay mounted and I would obtain it during my next trip to Austria.

I took possession of the print during the BrucknerTage Festival and it was decided that it would be best to transport it home while still in the frame. A quick search for bubblewrap and the frame was subsequently wrapped for transport. Fortunately, we were able to carry the frame (measuring about 24" x 36") into the cabin.

Upon returning home, the print was carefully removed from the frame. The frame was then repainted and the print was then returned to the original frame with the old backing removed, since it had suffered from water damage.

Taking the picture out allowed us to see if there was any information regarding the artist or the date of the print. There was nothing, but it did allow us to get a good photograph of the print without the glare of the glass.

While the print is not of any great artistic value, it is a curiosity since it is certainly quite old and there is no reference to it in Renata Grasberger's exhaustive Ikonographie project.

The photo of the print with the water stains removed via a software touchup program can be seen in this website's graphics gallery as Bruckner-921. Bruckner-922 shows the picture in its original state and the picture above shows how it is today.