Bruckner related Loewe letter acquired by the Bruckner Archive

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The Bruckner Archive recently acquired a letter by Ferdinand Loewe written in November of 1894 which makes reference to a Bruckner event. The letter was written to Natalie Horn, possibly the wife or daughter of Herr Horn, director the the Wagner-verein in Vienna. In the letter, addressed to Ms. Horn's residence on Elisabethstrasse, Loewe apologizes for cancelling a music lesson on account of a big Bruckner event coming up. The event in question was either Loewe's premiere of his piano transcription of Bruckner's Symphony No. 6 or more likely a performance of the Bruckner Symphony No. 7 at a Wagner-verein concert. That concert was subsequently cancelled due to Bruckner being ill.

To see the entire letter, click on the link below. A similar letter from April of 1895 is also available for viewing below.

Download: loewe_letter_1894.pdf
Download: Horn_Letter_19_04_95.pdf