Bruckner Archive acquires a Tanna Kasimir-Hoernes print

Bruckner Archive acquires a Tanna Kasimir-Hoernes print
Using funds received from website sales and commissions, the Bruckner Archive has acquired a print by Tanna Kasimir-Hoernes. The print shows the interior of the St. Florian Basilka and the Bruckner Organ. Beneath the print is a small sketch of Bruckner playing the organ.

The following information on the artist comes from

Not much is written on Tanna Kasimir-Hoernes, wife of famous artist Luigi Kasimir and mother of equally renowned artist Robert Kasimir. However, Tanna's art speaks for itself. Her prodigious body of work ranges from a more rustic, rather Impressionist style to crisp, clean etchings that are almost photograph-like in their detail.

Born in 1887, Tanna met her future husband Luigi at the turn of the 20th century, while they were both students at The Vienna Academy of Art under Wilhelm Unger. Tanna followed Luigi along an innovative path that led to the rebirth of the art of Etching, bringing new coloring techniques to an art form that had largely been black and white until then.

They traveled extensively together throughout Europe and the United States - Tanna's art, like Luigi's, is a testament to the many spectacular sites they saw along their adventures. Luigi passed away in 1962, and Tanna followed in 1972, leaving behind a huge, world renowned body of work as well as son Robert who carried on the Kasimir name in his own right.