1942 Concert program from Uruguay

1942 Concert program from Uruguay
This concert program (in Spanish) documents the first performance of the Bruckner Symphony No. 3 in South America. The conductor is Alejandro Szenkar. The concert was given on June 27, 1942. The Orchestra was the Symphony Orchestra of the SODRE.

Presently, the SODRE comprises four main activity fields: radio, television, entertainment, diffusion and preservation, and accordingly, a new meaning is assigned to the unchanged acronym of the Institution.

Since 1931, most of the artistic activities developed in Uruguay were staged in its Auditorium that caught fire in 1971 and famous artists from all over the world performed there.

A Symphony Orchestra, a Chamber Music Group, a Chorus, a Corps of Ballet and a Radio-Serial Cast are the five resident companies of the SODRE.

The National TV System with a TV Channel in Montevideo has eighteen relay stations in the rest of the country, and three medium-wave, two short-wave and one FM with three relay stations in the inland radio stations.

The SODRE's companies perform in the regular concert, opera and ballet seasons.

Most of the SODRE's musical treasures considered the most valuable ever gathered in South America were lost when the Auditorium caught fire in 1971, but the material has been gradually replaced since then.

The SODRE a complex organization covering a wide range of activities promotes, through both broadcasting and artistic performances, culture all over the country, and is the core leading institution in this field in Uruguay.

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