Houle, Gilles: The Bruckner Monastery Project - 1942-1945

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Over the years, graphic designer, Gilles Houle has provided this website with a remarkable amount of material, but to date, this is his magnum opus. The "Bruckner Monastery Project" is a months-long research project that encompasses hundreds of pages of research and photographs.

The focal point of the project are the years in which the St. Florian Monastery was under the influence of SS Reich Intendent, Heinrich Glassmeier (1892-1945) and his use of the monastery for his personal benefit and that of the National Socialist Party. The project is divided into three sections:

1) Pages 1 to 236 pertain to events prior to January 1940. The author considers that this information is essential to understand the full scope of the upcoming Bruckner Monastery project. The author states that, "So many people are involved here - local and high-rank Nazi officials and politicians, conductors, musicians, composers, intellectuals, radio technicians, etc.

2) Pages 237 to 500 are more directly related to the confiscation of the monastery by the Gestapo, and then, the arrival of Glasmeier at St. Florian.

3) The Illustrated section: Amounts to 417 pages of illustrations / photographs and annotation.

It should be noted that Mr. Houle's remarkable achievement here was all done using computer search engines. My sincere thanks to Mr. Houle for his research and his generosity.


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