Funk, Addie: Vienna's Musical Sites_Bruckner_1927

Funk, Addie: Vienna's Musical Sites_Bruckner_1927
This musical tour guide of Vienna was published in 1927 and was part of a series of travel guides published in Vienna by Knoch's Informator Edition. It contained a general musical section and then went specifically to different Viennese composers. The following inscription is at the beginning of the book:


Thou city of fair women, wine and song,
Where memories of Mozart thickly throng,
Where Gluck first fitly word and tone allied,
Where richly flowed of Haydn's strains the tide,
Where Schubert, thine own son, first saw the light,
Where Brahms and Bruckner chose to live and write,
Where Johann Strauss the river glorified
Whose azure floods thy suburbs roll beside
That breathe of Beethoven, loved haunts of his-
To thee this booklet dedicated is-

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