Cohrs, Benjamin-Gunnar: The SPCM Completion to the Bruckner Symphony No. 9

Benjamin-Gunnar Cohrs writes, "This essay (2012) replaces older versions. The text is a large extract from the English notes to Repertoire Explorer
Study Score No. 444 (Revision 2008), available on sale from Some material was taken from earlier publications, such as booklet and programme notes, including texts which were originally conceived in collaboration between B.-G. Cohrs and John Phillips, in particular from the Musik-Konzepte Vol. 120–22. Some material was also written anew. It was prepared for, to provide all important information on the philological insights which led to the Conclusive Revised Edition, in order to better understand the nature of the reconstruction work being undertaken, as well as to inform about the differences between this and the older editions of the SPCM-score. The conclusive impression of score and commentary shall be released in 2012. However, an appendix to this essay offers extracts with the revised sections (and in particular the new coda) in advance."
(This pdf has 81 pages in A4.)

Download: BG_Cohrs_Introduction_SPCM2012.pdf