Newsletter: July 1, 2020

Newsletter: July 1, 2020
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As of June 30th the Discography Database and the Bruckner Archive Database have been updated. The underlined headlines below will take you to the various sections of the website where the bullet points below are featured. Please use these as guides to the new information offered since the last newsletter.

Newsletter - July 1, 2020

There are some more changes on the website this month:

The restrictions caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic have struck a heavy blow to any industry that thrives on large audiences. Sporting and concert events all over the world have been cancelled and it is often heartbreaking to see some wonderful concerts being cancelled or, at best. postponed. But there has been an odd side benefit from these cancellations which have enriched those of us who have taken the time to seek them out. Many orchestras and ensembles have been going to the Internet to stay in front of their audiences. In many cases these ensembles are reaching back into their archives to present performances from the past and the keen observer has been rewarded with a wealth of past performances - some never presented before - or not broadcast for many, many years. While these archival presentations are no match for the cancelled live events, they have enriched the Bruckner Archive with some new acquisitions and it only makes one wonder why orchestras don't do these web-based presentations at all times. Occasionally, an orchestra will make use of Zoom technology to present performances from the player's homes. Just for fun, you may want to watch this brief clip of the opening to the Symphony No. 4.

Other changes in the recording industry are also forcing some adjustments here. Due to tightening margins, many distributors of CDs and DVDs are requiring higher minimum purchases to qualify for wholesale pricing. This has made it very hard for me to compete with the large retail outlets so I am now restricting my offers to items where I am able to achieve a special price deal that I can pass onto you or items to which I have more exclusive rights. The changes will be noticeable in my re-designed web store. My newsletters will still keep you informed of new releases, but not all of them will be available through this website. As for Japanese releases, I am still willing to special order CDs/DVDs/BDs for you but the prices are high due to mandatory express postage. Also, the Tower Records exclusive recordings cannot be ordered through me. Those recordings are not exported by Tower and the only way one can purchase them is by private purchase in Japan or by a Japanese seller on Ebay.

For those of you who subscribe to the BBC Music Magazine, you are well aware that the May issue's cover CD was a performance of the Bruckner Symphony No. 8 as performed by Donald Runnicles and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. However it may be of interest to you that the performance on the CD is not the one listed (January 21, 2010 in Glascow) but is in fact the performance given two days later in Leeds. The magazine has confirmed the error.

Last month, I informed you of a new project to identify Bruckner cycles that were never recorded or commercially released. Thanks to many contributors, the listing has grown substantially. You can look at the results here. If you know of any others, please let me know.


  • There are dozens of downloads available to you in my Download of the Month Section. When that service was first offered many years ago, server storage was more limited than now, so many of those files were offered as .mp3 files. I can now offer these downloads as non-compressed .flac files. But instead of me making work for myself changing all of these files over, I would prefer to upgrade the ones that are important to you. If you would like one of my previous downloads to be upgraded to a lossless format, just send me an e-mail requesting the specific download(s) and I'll get to it quickly.

  • Many of you have ordered William Carragan's new book on the Bruckner Symphonies. I wanted to give you an update. The book has now gone to press after several revisions (remember, this is Bruckner!!). We will be shipping the books as soon as they are received. Thank you for your continued patience.

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    • The mystery of the Point Classics Bruckner 6th.

    • The 2020 Brucknerathon is cancelled.

    • Fritz M√ľnch and Bruckner

    • An Essay on Bruckner 8th recordings on MusicWeb International.

    • Cornelis van Zwol, A noted Bruckner scholar has died.

    • A new Bruckner 9th Finale Coda - by A. Kirsch.

    • BBC Music Magazine features a Bruckner CD (with an error).

    • Bruckner Journal Reader's Conference Scheduled for January, 2021 at Yale University - Call for Papers!


    • The Bruckner Archive recording database (with over 10,330 listings) has been updated and it is easy to download as an Excel file. Many of these recordings are available to collectors and researchers. Contact me for details on how you can fill in some holes in your collection. The database can now also be sorted by performing date!


    • There are many subjects covered here and these are frequently updated, so make it a point to check out the various subjects under this heading.


    • Links to other Bruckner-related websites that might be of interest.



    • The Berlin Philharmonic offers a direct-to-disc LP of Bernard Haitink's recent performance of the Bruckner 7th.


    • Pentatone Classics releases a Bruckner Mass No. 2 in E Minor.

    • St. Laurent Studios offers their 78 RPM transfer of the Carl Schuricht Bruckner 7th from Berlin.

    • High Definition Tape Transfers offers their transfer of the DGG Jochum Bruckner 9th with the Berlin Philharmonic.


    • No new releases.


    • BR Klassik releases Jansons Bruckner 4th (previously available as a limited edition CD).

      JAPANESE RELEASES (Some items available for special order)

    • TOBU Records in Japan has released a Bruckner Archive set of Bruckner symphonies in arrangements for Jazz ensemble. The performances of Symphonies 5 and 7 were all recorded in Austria under the direction of Thomas Mandel.

    • Nice NF Classics has released a Bruckner 7th with Yoshinori Nishiwaki conducting Der Ring Tokyo Orchestra (Hybrid SACD)

    • Tower Records continues its series of re-releases with a SACD set of Symphonies 3-5,7, and 8 with Takashi Asahina conducting the New Japan Philharmonic.

    • Tower Records releases Volume I (Symphonies 1-3) with SACD re-releases of Eugen Jochum's DGG cycle.

    • The Osaka College Horn Ensemble releases a CD with a transcription for horns of Bruckner's Symphony No. 7.

    • Altus is releasing LPs of the Symphonies No. 8 and 9 by Carl Schuricht and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

    • TOBU Recordings has released the Bruckner Archives' recording of the Piano four-hand transcriptions of Bruckner's Symphonies 0-9 in a 10 CD boxed set.

    • Tower Records has re-released Rudolf Kempe's Bruckner recordings on SACD (previously available on Acanta CDs)

    • Altus Recordings is releasing Gunter Wand's Deutsches Symphony Orchestra recording of the Bruckner 9th on SACD and vinyl.

    • Altus is also releasing SACD recordings of Wand's Munich Philharmonic recordings (Symphonies 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9.)


    • Organroxx will be releasing a recording of the Bruckner Symphony No. 9. The organist will be Thilo Muster.

    • Valery Gergiev and the Munich Philharmonic have completed the recording of their Bruckner video cycle with three live performances at St. Florian in September as part of the 2019 Brucknerfest. The cycle (1-9) will be released in a boxed set - with a documentary disc - this Fall. These video recordings were all made at St. Florian. The sets will be available in Blu-Ray and DVD formats.


    • DOWNLOAD OF THE MONTH. This month, we feature a performance by the late Gerd Albrecht. Albracht embarked on a series of Bruckner performances with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra during his short tenure as their music director. All these recordings are now out-of-print. This month, we feature the Symphony No. 8.


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