Strengthening the Bruckner Brand in Upper Austria

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Oberösterreichische Nachrichten 


Until 2024, city and state strengthen the brand "Bruckner"

In 2024, the 200th birthday of Anton Bruckner is celebrated. For this reason, the state of Upper Austria and the city of Linz have started a process with the aim of making Bruckner's personality and work more tangible for the 21st century.

Until 2024, city and state strengthen the brand "Bruckner"

Stelzer and Lang-Mayerhofer Image: (Upper Austria)

Specifically, the brand "Bruckner" should be strengthened culturally and touristically and a marketing concept developed. "Bruckner himself, however, escapes simple approaches, so together with the city of Linz we are looking for new ways to present his work and his life in a contemporary way." With regard to 2024, it's all about thinking ahead of the Anton Bruckner brand, "said Governor Thomas Stelzer (ÖVP).

In Linz and St. Florian, the works of the master are the focus of the annual international Bruckner Festival and the Bruckner Days. All this exemplifies the role and significance of the great composer. "We want the people to be proud of Bruckner and to connect the world-wide fan base Bruckner with Linz and Upper Austria in order to achieve that, for the first time, all Bruckner institutions from town and country sit around the same table, sharing a common image of the person and the meaning of his work, "says Linz City Councilor for Culture and Tourism, Doris Lang-Mayerhofer.

Until the second quarter of 2019

The project is managed by the two cultural directors Reinhold Kräter and Julius Stieber as well as the tourism directors Andreas Winkelhofer and Georg Steiner. The project itself includes representatives of all organizations and associations involved with Anton Bruckner, including the Bruckner Orchestra, Brucknerhaus, Bruckner-Uni, Anton Bruckner Institute, Bruckner's Day, St. Florian and the Brucknerbund in Upper Austria. The project was launched in July with a first workshop and is expected to run until the second quarter of 2019.