Possibly closing in on the Mystery of the Point Classics Bruckner Symphony No. 6

Possibly closing in on the Mystery of the Point Classics Bruckner Symphony No. 6
There is a very nice Bruckner 6th that was released on LP and CD years ago that is part of a series of recordings offered by the late Alfred Scholz. Mr. Scholz had a nasty habit of applying pseudonyms for the names of his conductors and orchestras on many of his recordings as he licensed them to mass market distributors. Usually the orchestra was the “South German Philharmonic.”

A few years ago, we discovered that his offering of the Bruckner Symphony No. 2 was actually conducted by Erich Schmid and his Bruckner Symphony No. 9 was not conducted by one “Cesare Cantieri,” but by Stanislaw Skrowacewski. Both of the recordings were actually performed by the SW German Radio Symphony Orchestra – around 1965.

But his recording of the Bruckner Symphony No. 6 continued to be a mystery. Besides being a very good performance, this recording has the distinction of being one of the fastest. The timigs are:
13’10” 15”43” 8’08” 13’52” Total time: 50’58”

The fact that there are very few performances that are this fast made it easier to find possible matches, but nothing matched up against any known recording.

Then, the other day, someone sent me a recording by Georg-Ludwig Jochum performing the Bruckner Symphony No. 6 with The Hessian Radio Symphony Orchestra. It was recorded in the 1960s (I believe). GLJ did some recordings for the Hessian Radio back then and here are the timings for this aircheck:
13’20” 16’02” 8’09” 12’13” Total time: 49’44”

Everything is REALLY close except for the Finale and the style is very similar. This is definitely not the same recording (the Finale alone rules that out) but the fingerprints are there.

So far, Inquiries to German radio stations have come up empty.

The only other performance that comes close to these timings and fits the recording date time frame is a recording by Fritz Rieger. The timings for that are:
13'17" 15'55" 8'05" 13'01 Total time: 50'17"